There are many reasons why you should choose to do a bridal session before your wedding day! We are going to dive into the top 5 reasons I always recommend saying YES to a bridal session!

But before we can get to all the juicy details, let’s go over what a bridal session even is! In a short and sweet version, a bridal session is an old traditional way of doing a trial run for the brides look to make sure everything is exactly how you envision and is up to perfection! It is also a great way to get more pictures of just the bride and have more memories from the biggest day of your life!! In my opinion, the true purpose of a bridal session is to really soak it all up, capture more pictures of your special day and have fun!

So, without further ado, here are my top 5 reasons why you should choose to do a bridal session before your wedding day!

unique bridal photos with antique mirror

1. Trial Run

You can use a bridal session to be a trial run of what the big day will look like! Most hair and makeup include a trial session with their services so this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of that trial session with them. My recommendation – try on your dress, schedule your makeup trial and your hair trial session this day too! You’ll get to see what you like and figure out if you’d rather actually have your hair up or down, change up your lip color or makeup! I promise, it will take all the stress away on your wedding day by doing this ahead of time!

2. Get Comfortable

Most people are not used to being followed around with a camera and sometimes it makes them nervous. A bridal session allows you to get used to the process and see how your photographer works and get comfortable before your wedding day so then when the day comes it’ll be easy peasy!! We can also use fun props instead of just your wedding bouquet!! We can focus on more elements that matter a lot to you that you might forget day of wedding. This can include your wedding shoes, dress details, jewelry, etc! The best part is that the bridal session will leave your wedding day for all the celebrations and fun “in the moment” photos!

bride standing outside with lace wedding dress on

3. Get Creative

You can try out a totally different location or use the same location that your wedding ceremony will be. If you are having your wedding at the beach but want a scenic mountain with a view you can because you don’t have to fit the location change into your wedding day! You can get extra creative by putting all the focus on you as the bride. We can even do more creative and less traditional poses and really spice it up! Play with lighting, shadows just like this one below! So much variety and possibility during a bridal session!

bride in sun with lace wedding dress on

4. Make For Fun Gifts

When you decide to do a bridal session you will have the opportunity to get extra photos of just you that you can gift your partner or your family members! Some brides even like to display the photos at their reception or on their gift table. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to get gorgeous images taken of themselves looking their ABSOLUTE best?!? I know I would love that!!

5. Be Intentional

You are able to be more intentional with your bridal session that way you don’t feel like you are squeezing these photos in with all the other photos you’ll be taking on the day of your wedding! This will also save time on the day of the wedding to focus on all the candid moments and celebrating!! Bridal sessions are a total win, win situation!

If you are ready to create unique and beautiful moments like this bridal session then reach out to make this official! I would love to be a part of your bridal session and your wedding day! Fill out my contact form to get the process started! I can’t wait to hear from you soon!


Venue: Il Mercato, New Orleans @ilmercatonola

Wardrobe: @gabriellehurwitz

Planner: @sapphireevents

HMUA: @facesofvirtue

Wedding Dress: @danahareldesign

Earrings: @oscardelarenta

Shoes: @alexandrebirman

Florals: @maxowensdesign

Cake + Desserts: @chasingwang

Stationary: @theideaemporium

Rentals: @distressedrentals

Men’s Tux: @theblacktux

bride outside taking wedding photos at bridal session

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