Styled photo shoots should always be a priority as a photographer! My take on it is that it really does level up your techniques, skills and helps you showcase work that you want your dream clients to book you for! If you are on the fence about choosing to book a styled shoot then let this be your sign to 100% make the jump and participate in one. This is a perfect example of a what a styled shoot could look like. This was held at the beautiful Cottonwood Farms in Temecula!

bride and groom with horse during styled photo shoots

1. Practice Techniques You Haven’t Mastered Yet

As creatives our minds are often going a million miles per minute thinking of the next photo we are about to take. With a styled shoot we are able to take the time, stress free, to try out those techniques that you’ve been wanting to try out but don’t have the time to do on a normal photoshoot day!

For example, the long exposure shots, the double exposure shots, harsh lighting, shooting through a prism or flower or piece of cloth/veil, trying out different composition ideas, etc! Styled photo shoots are all about getting creative just for the heck of it without having to worry about missing a shot. Plus, styled shoots help if you do not have time to play around with something fun because you don’t want to do it on someone else’s time.

2. Connect With Industry Vendors

Connecting with other industry vendors is a huge deal! Plus, this helps your couples as well as you! Being able to work with other vendors in the industry and build a connection with them helps you expand on your community. It also gives you the opportunity to meet people that you can recommend to your client if they are in search of a specific vendor (like a florist or planner, etc.)!

A lot of our clients come from word of mouth so if you build that bond with another vendor you are able to look out for each other. Plus, maybe get the opportunity to work with that vendor you met at the styled shoot on another wedding day or photoshoot! A double win win!

3. Help Showcase Content That Will Bring In Your Dream Clients

Obviously you are happy to work with everyone! But as a photographer you are constantly hearing people say “post what you want to shoot more of” which means that styled photo shoots are the perfect opportunity to do just that! Styled shoots can assist you in creating content that will attract your ideal and dream client. This means that ya’ll will connect on that level because you are both looking for the same things like location, style, vibes, etc!

Say Yes To Styled Photo Shoots!

Overall my recommendation is to 100% do any styled photo shoots that resonate with your brand and who you want to attract. It is so important to do these to build awareness around your brand and build a sense of community. Especially if you are just starting off, you are looking to pivot or improve your overall technique!

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Venue: @cottonwoodfarmsca Coordination: @archive_bridal Photography: Suits: @friartux Rowdy Rings (details) Gown: Ivy & Aster @archive_bridal Jewelry: @saragabrieldesigns Boots: @ariat Models: @rianlanasa /Zack Dawson

couple in desert for their wedding

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