Hey there,

A little bit about me

I picked up my first dinky little camera before I was 10!

I was drawn to photography because I have always had a love for moments + emotions being preserved.

When asked what my dream job was my answer for as long as I could remember was to be a traveling photographer for National Geographic.

I have always been passionate about helping people + serving people mixed with learning their life history + the psychology of what makes someone who they are.

I love that my job is literally providing a safe space + encouraging people to express their true selves in front of me, letting the raw emotions seep out + capturing those moments to freeze time so you can relive that moment, that memory, that emotion whenever you look at the images again!

You deserve to archive these seasons of your life so that future generations can look back on these precious times.
Let's tell a story together--one that is genuine, authentic + about your unique love!

Let's Chat!

I'm Kaitlin!

5 Fun facts

◦I am an avid TV Binger + I get way too invested in the characters of every show I watch! 


5 Fun facts

◦I’m obsessed with personality tests
+ descriptions (Enneagram, Myers briggs, love languages—all the things)! 

◦I'm 2w1, INFJ, Words of Affirmation, etc. 


5 Fun facts

◦I Love the smell of bonfires— I never want to wash my hair or sweatshirt afterwards! 


5 Fun facts

◦The Ocean, S'mores + Sushi brings me life!!


5 Fun facts

◦I'm almost always in a room with music, podcasts, or an educational video playing + my oil diffuser or a candle burning! 

◦All about the cozy environment vibes !






I'm here for it all!

◦If you are looking for a photographer that ultimately just wants to showcase the core of your love story you’re in the right place!

◦I am here to capture all the special moments—the raw emotions, stolen glances, the quirky expressions + the places + people (or pets) you call home + all the details in between!

◦I’m here for it all! 

◦No need to fear the imperfections, I value authenticity, so just be you, + leave the rest up to me!

Travel bucket list

Traveling has always been in my blood! 
I've been to many places, but would love to explore some more of this wonderful planet that we call home! 






Costa Rica

Greek Islands



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