My heart gets SO full every time I get to be a part of an adventure couples photos session. When we get to incorporate nature into your session it makes it extra special! Especially when it means something to you and your partner!! Sabrina, Blake and I adventured around the Piney River Ranch in the Colorado Rockies and it turned out fabulous!! They even brought their adorable baby along for the ride!!

couple kissing on colorado mountains at piney river ranch

Although it looks like we were completely alone during this adventure session we definitely were not! We luckily were able to find places that we could take photos at without a ton of people in them! And just angle them properly! It is so important to get creative during adventure couples photos when the location is popular! I find it so fun finding the perfect place for my couples!! It’s like a little adventure in itself!

couple kissing in the colorado mountains


My favorite thing to do is travel for photos sessions! Traveling around with your photographer is a great opportunity to get some cool photos documented in special (and beautiful) places!! I love that my job is literally providing a safe space and encouraging people to express their true selves in front of me! I love seeing the raw emotions seep out. The best part is capturing those moments to freeze time so you can relive that moment, that memory, that emotion whenever you look at the images again! Plus!! Adding an adventure in beautiful places like Colorado creates literal perfection!! Simply put, let’s just go on an adventure together and capture your love already!!

couples photos in colorado with couple hugging each other


These two love birds met on Tinder!! It’s true, love stories actually happen on Tinder! Like these two! Sabrina lived in Steamboat and Blake lived in Boulder! For their first date Blake drove up to Steamboat and Sabrina took him to Strawberry Hot Springs! If you haven’t been there it’s a total MUST! It is one of the most romantic places for a first date! They shared their first kiss there! Now their official wedding date is booked on 7/17/2022!! A true Tinder love story!! So amazing how a dating app can create amazing connections like theirs!

couple holding hands in the mountains of colorado


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If you are looking for a photographer that ultimately just wants to showcase the core of your love story you’re in the right place! I would absolutely love to be a part of your love story adventure!! Let’s tell a story together — one that is genuine, authentic + about your unique love!

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