Usually, the wedding details get overlooked on the wedding day. It shouldn’t be that way! You’ve spent countless hours picking out all the details to your wedding! Let’s make sure we get everything captured with a wedding details checklist!

I have curated this checklist to make sure you are prepared and ready for your wedding day! Plus, if you use this checklist and have all your items put together in a box it saves time for your photographer. This means that they will be able to spend more time taking photos of you getting ready and are not on the hunt for all the items that may be scattered all over the place!

Having this checklist will help relieve added stress while you’re getting ready so you don’t have to think “Oh no! Where’s _______?!”. All your special items will be all grouped together and ready to go for your big day.

Wedding Day Checklist

1. Rings – Including both partners’.

2. Earrings/Necklaces/Jewelry/Watches

3. Shoes

4. Invitation Suite – This is the most common detail forgotten at a wedding. Bring one that wasn’t mailed or used so that it is clean and will lay flat.

5. Vow Books

6. Florals – Including bridal bouquet, extra florals, boutonniere.

7. Perfume/Cologne

8. Tie/Bowtie, Tie Clip, Cuff Links

9. Clutch/Wallet

10. Any heirloom items or things that are special to you and your story


  • handwritten letters or cards that you wrote to each other
  • garder
  • velvet ring box
  • save the dates
  • special socks
  • gifts to each other
  • cute dress hanger
  • hair pieces/veil
  • pocket square
  • cigars
  • any extra similar objects from wedding like party favors, etc.

This is typically one of the first things I do when I arrive to a wedding or elopement! I gather all the special detail items together and take them to a fun spot that has nice natural lighting!

Remember, the details are important! You have put so much time and thought into every detail of planning for your wedding or elopement so don’t forget to have those captured!!

Trust me, I know how special these items are so don’t you worry! I’ve got your back!! Are you ready to have me as your wedding photographer to capture the special details? Count me in! Fill out my contact form and we will make it happen! Can’t wait!

wedding photos of your details

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