The beach, the dress, the vibes! Every single part of this beach elopement with Caitlynn and Jeremiah at Laguna Beach was absolute perfection! I fully admit that if I could be a part of every intimate elopement I totally would. There is something completely different about the intimacy involved on this type of day and I am truly obsessed! Come see what your elopement day could look like!

What Does Your Beach Elopement Look Like?

You can see that with Caitlynn and Jeremiah’s beach elopement that there are so many different ways to create YOUR unique day. This can include utilizing props, different backdrops and unique elopement day outfits. I loved that these two were very laid back and calm but yet wanted to go the route of editorial poses (which is different than the normal candid photos couples want)! It was fun and artsy! The best part is that you can be as casual or as fancy as you want to be. It’s fully you and your partners’ decision! What does your beach elopement look like? Filled with adventure? Running into the water? Artsy and editorial? Casual and boho beach vibes? You can go so many different routes! The possibilities are endless! If you are on the fence about doing a beach elopement then take this as your sign, just do it!!

My Definition Of An Elopement

In my books, I define elopement as an intimate celebration that is focused on the commitment you are making to each other, surrounded by the people that are most important to you, in a place that is sacred to you! Whether you choose to bring your closest friends (like I did) or decide on just the two of you, it’s not about others, especially pleasing others, it’s actually all about YOU! So, it’s officially time to put you and your partner first and choose elopement!

Kaitlin Springg Photography | Southern California Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Southern California Beach Elopement at Laguna Beach with beautiful beach sand and boho themed wedding flowers

Are you ready to have your perfect beach elopement just like Caitlynn + Jeremiah did? I would love to help you plan your unique elopement that makes sense to you and your partner! Fill out my contact form and we can get everything started together!

Southern California Beach Elopement at Laguna Beach || Caitlynn + Jeremiah

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